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“How can you come out of your divorce as a better person and a better parent?”

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David Crum is an attorney and the CEO of US Legal Groups, which oversees practices in Colorado (Colorado Legal Group), New Mexico (New Mexico Legal Group), and Nebraska (Nebraska Legal Group). David asks one simple question of his clients: “How can you come out the other side of your divorce as a better person and a better parent?”

Confessions of a Divorce Assassin

Attorney David Crum spent years as a “divorce assassin,” an attorney who wins for his clients at all costs, regardless of the consequences. In the world of divorce, these lawyers learn to utilize the court system to their advantage, how to delay or speed up a case, how to get the best performance from their clients, and how to get the best results. Despite the harm they might cause to families, the divorce assassin is often sought out by clients as the pinnacle of representation and David was at the very top of his game. But all that was about to change. When David takes on a client who, despite tremendous pain and betrayal in her relationship, seeks a better way to divorce, one that keeps her finances and family intact and healthy, David is forced to re-assess not only his own role in the legal system, but what it really means to be a divorce attorney...

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