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Divorce & Family Law

Colorado Divorce Law Firm


Divorce proceedings often falter due to the approach and expertise (or absence thereof) of the attorneys involved. Our edge over other law firms lies in our specialization in divorce and family law, our deep understanding of potential legal hurdles, and our commitment to steering you through the intimidating journey of divorce with a tailored strategy.

Child Custody

We guide our clients in identifying the most favorable approach to establishing a child custody arrangement that serves the family's interests. By ensuring our clients are well-informed about all possible options, we enhance the likelihood of them securing a child custody plan that optimally addresses the well-being of the children.

Family Law

Having a seasoned family law attorney is crucial for navigating complex family issues, from paternity cases to child and spousal support. They ensure a deep understanding of state laws, improve post-divorce family relationships, and secure fair asset distribution. Our expertise spans various areas, including domestic violence and prenuptial agreements, always advocating for your best interests.

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